Secretariat Control Room

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Section Officer’s duty is to ensure the following:

  • All protocol related work after office hours
  • All important letters to be delivered at the residence of concerned officers after working hours.
  • Checking of mail registered in duty room.
  • Making necessary arrangement for opening of office room after working hours on written request of concerned officer.
  • Sending message in emergency situation and to ensure making other important arrangements.

Secretariat Administration Department is responsible for overall supervision and proper functioning of Secretariat employees. It consists of three units-- Establishment, Accounts and Miscellaneous which are divided into sections and each section is under section officer. The Secretariat library, record room, stationary section, duty room, dispatch section, Secretariat control post, Secretariat telephone exchange, entry pass office, Individual Running ledger Account, pay slip cell, budget cell, Secretariat Security Force, and office of chief security officer etc, are under control of Secretariat Administration Department.

The Secretariat Establishment unit decides the policy matters of Secretariat employees and it is also responsible for appointment, promotion, confirmation, discipline and inter- branch transfer. It also prepares gradation list of all gazetted officers and non-gazetted employees of Secretariat services. It accords recognition to institutions/organisations of Secretariat employees. Associated members of government staff also works under this administrative control.

Account unit including IRLA (Individual Running Ledger Account) is responsible for preparation of Secretariat budget and for its coordination with Government members and preparation of pay and other allowances for Secretariat personnel. It is also responsible for maintaining provident fund, service book and also works as drawing and distribution office for all employees under Secretariat Administration department. It is also responsible for issuing pay slips to IAS, PCS officers and Secretariat Service group ‘A’ officers and other services officers working in Secretariat under group ‘A’ of the entire state.

Preparation of bills of pay and allowances and advance of all officers of class one level of all services working in Secretariat and depositing them by Individual Running Ledger Account system to their bank accounts, preparing monthly accounts in the manner of treasuries and sending it to the Accountant General Uttar Pradesh is also executed by this department. Apart from this, it is also responsible for maintenance of provident fund of IAS, PCS and other service officers working in the Secretariat, providing information required for Form-16 for income tax returns, annual income tax return, filing them to income tax officials of all above category officials working in Secretariat, and pension and payment of retirement benefits of all Secretariat services cadre officers.

It is responsible for efficient running of miscellaneous administrative unit, Secretariat management, for example stationery, furniture, miscellaneous office equipment, risograph, photocopier, fax machine, computer, intercom, phone, mobile phone, calculators, typewriters, duplicators etc., uniform, bicycle, etc.

This unit is responsible for managing Government meetings, arranging state dinner and also responsible for other housekeeping jobs. This unit also conducts annual verification of stores and other assets, and takes necessary action in case of theft in Secretariat building and also responsible for regulating entry in Secretariat premises. The rules regarding the maintenance of office equipment, supply of stationery and entry into Secretariat premises are given in appendix 3, 4, 5 respectively of Secretariat Manual part 2.

The Secretariat Suraksha Dal (Secretariat Security Force), is constituted under a chief security officer who is equivalent to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. This unit is responsible for entry in Secretariat premises, posting of guards at Secretariat gates and other places of premises, maintenance of internal discipline, entry of vehicles and its parking, protection of Secretariat property and regulation for taking out material out of Secretariat premises. Detailed description of Secretariat’s organizational structure, function and duties is available in Secretariat manual.