Secretariat Administration Section-4 (Establishment)

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  1. Appointment at all posts of Group ‘D’ in Secretariat at central level, regularization, seniority assessment, selection grade and matters related to promotion of Group ‘D’ to higher posts.
  2. Transfer and posting of Group ‘D’ staff from one branch to another branch in Secretariat.
  3. Appointment on daily wages in Group ‘D’.
  4. UP Secretariat Group ‘D’ service manual.
  5. Demands of class IV employees union.
  6. Arranging messengers for all branches of Secretariat.
  7. Work related to representation in SC/ST reservation in services of Group ‘D’ of Secretariat.
  8. All establishment related work of following cadre of Group ‘D’, class three of UP Secretariat: selection of posts, continuity and regularization, appointment, seniority fixation and regularization (confirmation), maintenance of character roll, efficiency bar and pay fixation , Secretariat entry pass, permission to join educational classes and appear in examination.
    • Secretariat Security Squad
    • Assistant store keeper.
    • Typewriter mechanic/assistant typewriter mechanic
    • FACIT calculator
    • BRADMA machine helper
    • Blind typists
    • Telephone operator
  9. Matters related to General Provident Fund, vehicle advance and house construction loans to Secretariat Security Squad. Assistant store keeper. typewriter mechanic/assistant typewriter mechanic, Facit calculator, Bradma machine helper, blind typists and telephone operator.
  10. Work related to retirement, payment of pension, encashment, gratuity, group insurance scheme etc of employees cadres mentioned in (9) above.
  11. Deputation of Group ‘D’ employees.
  12. Service manual for UP Secretariat Security and Fire-fighting personnel.
  13. Work related to security of the Secretariat.