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Rules regarding pension are given in the “U.P. Civil Services Regulation”. Similarly, provisions regarding family pension are given in Retirement Benefit Rules 1961, and the procedure related to commutation is given in U.P. Civil Pension (Commutation) Rules. These rules are being amended/updated by the Finance Department of the Government as per current perspective. In addition, the Finance Department of the Government has Government Orders issued from time to time in connection with rules and procedures. The most important among these is the GO No Sa-3-1713/10/87-933/89 dated 28-07-1989 for simplification of the pension structure of civil pensioners/family pensioners, and simplifying the present method to end the delay in payment related to family pension, death/retirement gratuity and commutation. On 28-07-1989 the ‘Unified Pension Form” (Appendix ‘A’) for simplification of pension forms was issued. At present this form is being used. This GO is very detailed and it contains most of the orders. Directions and procedures applicable till that time.