Qualifying Service

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Any service after the age of 20 years, on an original post under the Government, paid for by the Government fund, is considered as qualifying service. The complete service period under which full pay or half pay holidays are included, is considered qualifying service. Absence on leave without pay is accepted only after producing a medical certificate by a competent medical officer or for higher technical or scientific study, absence due to civil unrest etc is considered as qualifying service. Even if break in service is condoned, this will not be added in qualifying service. The cases of break in service are covered by Section-422 of C.S.R. and if the break is not because of submitting resignation, participation in strike, or sacked from the services, it would automatically be considered as condoned. Not being condoned will mean previous services being lapsed.

According to Section-356 of C.S.R., earlier military service on which pension has not been given, and the contribution for such service is deposited in the Treasury, will be included in qualifying services. This will be done only after verification of Appendix – ‘A’ from the Defence Accounts office.

If any Government employee served the Government of India and later gets appointed in state Government, in that case the entire service done under Government of India shall be eligible for service pension. For this purpose, holiday pay, pension contributions will not be split and the state Government will bear complete responsibility. If on deputation to non-government organizations, undertakings, corporations, pubic establishments, and the pension contribution of this period goes to state treasury, this period will be treated as qualifying service. The suspension period shall not be considered eligible for pension unless there is clear order for it, otherwise it will be treated as the qualifying service period.