Important Government Order

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Other important Government orders :
    1. As per order of Finance (General) section-3 and per Government order No 3-384/Das-300/99 dated 13-04-2000, with effect from 01.01.1996 the entitlement of pension of all Government employees would be 50 per cent of revised pay scale of his post. (Taking cognizance of qualifying service) and the family pension would not be less than 30 per cent.
    2. As per Government order of Finance (General) section -3 no 3-72/Das-2009-300/99 dated 02.03.2009, the above order was amended on 13.04.2000.
  1. As per order of Finance (General) section -3 No 3-1508/Das-2008-308/97 dated 08.12.2008, the pension/ family pension of those retired/deceased after 01-01-2006 shall be revised.
  2. As per order of Finance (General) section -3 no 3-1515/Das-2008-308-97 dated 08 December 2008, pension/family pension of pensioners/family pensioners of government retired before 01-01-2006 will be renewed and re-examined.
  3. As per order of Finance (General) section -3 No 3-G.I.-28/Das-2008 dated 06 January 2009, certain points of Government order issued on 08.12.2008 have been modified.
  4. As per order of Finance (General) section -3 no 3-1541/Das/2008-308-97 dated 07 January 2009, amendments have been made in orders issued from time to time, and in orders issued on 08-12-2008.
  5. As per order of Finance (General) section -3 no Sa. 3-40/V.I.P./Das 2009-308-97/T.C dated 11 January 2010, the part of para 7 (1) of office memo related to earlier order of Finance (General) section-3 no 1508/Das-2008-308/97 dated 08.12.2008 has been revised.