Family Pension

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Family will be classified for entitlement of family pension as following :-

  • Widow/widower, lifelong or remarried, whatever comes first.
  • Son/daughter (including widowed daughter) married/re-married or till the age of 25 years, or till started earning, whatever comes first.
  • Unmarried/ widow /divorcee daughter, not covered under category-1, till marriage/re-marriage or till the date of starting earning, or death, whatever comes first.
  • Such parents who were whole life dependent on Government employee and the deceased employee has not left behind any widow/widower or children. The dependent parents will get the family pension of unmarried/divorcee/widow daughter

Unmarried/divorcee/widow daughter covered by category-2 and dependent parents will be entitled for family pension only when suitable person is not available in deceased’s family and there is no disabled off-spring in the family.

The entitlement of family pension would be on the basis of first born son and second son would be entitled only when the entitlement of first son expires.

Under the above arrangements, the basis for considering the dependent for family pension will depend on the minimum family pension amount and the dearness allowance applicable thereon.

Issueless widow would be entitled for family pension even after her re-marriage but on condition that if her total personal income equalizes or exceeds the amount of family pension, her family pension would be discontinued. In such cases she has to produce a certificate giving all details of income source every 6 months.

Disabled will get family pension for the entire life, but after the death of husband/wife their children would be entitled to it at the in order of preference, viz first elder son/daughter, followed by younger ones. If the disable son/daughter comes first in preference, he would be entitled only after the preference of elder sons.

(4) Parents dependent on deceased Government employees, whose total income should be less than Rs 2250.

(5) If the survivors are two wives, the first married wife would be entitled for family pension and later the second wife.

(6) Mentally retarded son/daughter and minor son/daughter would be entitled for the family pension and payment will be made through designated guardian.

Entitlement of family pension :-
There is no compulsion for eligible service for family pension. As per Sixth Pay Commission, for family pension, 30 per cent of the last drawn salary by the Government employee (implies basic rule -9 (21) (1) for definition of salary) but not less than Rs 3500/-.
In case of retirement, the employee would get double family pension up to age of 65 years or for 5 years but not more than pension, later at the rate of 30 per cent.In case of death, if length of service is less than seven years, then he would not be entitle for double (that means 50 per cent of his last drawn salary.) He would be entitled for general rates (means 30 per cent of last drawn salary) for minimum pension. But if the Government employee has served the Government more than seven years, he would be entitle for double benefits for ten years from the date of his death, but at that stage he should not have completed 65 years of age, after which he would be entitled for family pension at regular rates.

3- Death benefit :- Eligibility for death benefit will be on the basis of nomination. In absence of nomination, the family has been divided in two categories for aid. In first category the benefit would be divided among family members equally. If there is no member in this category then compensation would be divided equally among the second category family. If there is no nomination and there is no member in the family, it would lapse in favor of the Government.

First category of family :- Husband or wife, son and unmarried daughters (including step and adopted children).

Second category of family :- Married and widowed daughters, brothers less than 18 years, unmarried sisters, father/mother and children of deceased son.

The rates of death benefits are as following :- (Like family pension there is no qualifying service for it)

Length of serviceRate of death benefit
Less than 1 year service
More than one year
but less than 5 year service
 5 years or more but
less than 20 years’ service.
20 years or more service
Double of emoluments
6 times of emoluments
12 times emoluments
Every complete six-month period of eligible service shall be equal to ½ of emoluments, the upper limit of which shall be 33 times of the last eligible emoluments, or less than Rs 10,00,000/-, whichever is less.

Emoluments mean :- Salary defined under basic rules (21) (1) that means basic pay, grade pay and dearness allowance payable at the date of death.

Additional pension/Family pension :- The entitlement/permissible of pension of Pensioners/ family pensioners would be as following.

Age of pension/family pensioner Additional amount of Pension/Family pension
80 years but less than 85 years Basic pension/20 per cent of family pension
85 years but less than 90 years Basic pension/30 per cent of family pension
90 years but less than 95 years Basic pension/40 per cent of family pension
95 years but less than 100 years Basic pension/50 per cent of family pension
100 years and above Basic pension/100 per cent of family pension