Duties and Responsibilities

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Work of pension/family pension of Special Secretary to category ‘G’ Employees/officers of secretariat service is being accomplished by Secretariat Administration Pension Cell.

  1. Last Pension/Gratuity and accumulation payment order issued in favour of Employees/Officers getting retired since September, 1986.
  2. To issue order of Last family pension/death factor payment in favour of family members of dead employees/officers since September, 1986.
  3. To inspect service-books of employees of different branches from Secretariat’s record sections before their retirement (who are about to retire) and to resolve the problems found in that and to assure required suggestion/guidelines in pension related cases.
  4. To provide guidelines to family members of retired employees and dead employees of different branches so that they can soon receive their pension and to write the proceedings details to the related department.
  5. To facilitate the pension service from 01 May, 1986, to the family members of the employees who got retired or died or to such government employees who died before 1965 (to whom family pension was not permissible).
  6. To collect service-book and pension form of all retiring government employees from various branches of secretariat and pension form and service book of dead employees to facilitate their dependents from family pension service and to issue and accomplish payment order.
  7. Other pension related miscellaneous work.