Computerization status

Computerization of the Secretariat

As per the stated policy under the scheme of E-governance and computerization of the Secretariat, the requirement of 2234 desktop computers and associated equipments had been contemplated. Under this scheme, in the year 2001-02 (in the first phase) 83 computers were purchased and allotted. Afterwards, computers were purchased and allotted in a phased manner. Up to the tenth phase, 2308 computers had been purchased and allotted. In the eleventh phase in 2014, 155 computers have been purchased and their allotment is almost complete. Computers purchased up to 2005 have been declared non-usable and have been auctioned. In addition whichever computers are becoming non-usable, are being deposited in the Secretariat Store.

A high-level committee of senior officers has been constituted for computerizing the working system of the Secretariat and the Sections in the Secretariat, and the work of computerization is being done as per this committee’s recommendations.

Separate computers have been made available to all officers of the Principal Secretary/Secretary level and their personal staff. Computers have also been made available to officials from the Deputy Secretary to the Special Secretary levels. As per the policy, all officers from Deputy Secretary to Principal Secretary levels and their personal staff are to be provided separate computers and at least 03 computers are to be made available at the Sections/Cells.

Approval of laptops and other computers to senior officers (Principal Secretary/Secretary) and Special Secretary level officers

In order to ensure effective implementation of E-Governance, computer equipments (such as laptops, personal computers, Tablets etc) have been approved under a decentralized system for senior officers and Special Secretary level officers posted at the Government level. Under the said system, Principal Secretaries/Secretaries and Special Secretary level officers of almost all departments have been provided computers.

E-Governance Training

Under the 13-day (100 hours) E-Governance compulsory computer training programme for officers and employees of the Secretariat Services Cadre, training has been provided by the I.T. and Electronics Department through its nodal agency U.P. Desco to amost all employees from Section Officer cadre to Computer Assistant cadre. In all 3289 personnel received this training. At present, as per the programme mentioned in the annual training calendar of the Secretariat Training and Management Institute, employees are being given 13-day computer training on ‘Course on Computer Concepts’ in the Computer Lab in the Bapu Bhawan.

Computerization of the Entry Pass Office

All the entry pass offices of the Secretariat have been computerized by providing them the necessary computer systems and software. All permanent/temporary entry passes are being used by computers with photographs.

Computerization of salary distribution system (including IRLA)

A computerized system has been implemented for preparing monthly salary bills and its payment through cheques to officers and employees of all branch establishments of the Secretariat including IRLA cheque section. All the work related to payment of all advances/ G.P.F. /Travelling allowance etc and deduction of Income Tax has also been computerized.

Computerization of pension distribution system

पेंशन वितरण प्रणाली का कम्प्यूटरीकरण

The work related to sanction of pension to officers/employees having retired from the Secretariat has been computerized.

Personnel Information System

The database of all officers/employees of the Secretariat Services Cadre under the Personnel Information System is being prepared by the N.I.C. After the database is ready, all the work of the employees related to the establishment is proposed to be done electronically. This will lead to quick and efficient conduct of Government work.

Provision of Internet

The N.I.C. has established a computer network in all buildings of the Secretariat and the facility of Internet has been provided to almost all officers and in Sections. For uninterrupted and fast browsing on the Internet, the N.I.C. has connected all buildings of the Secretariat with the Yojana Bhawan through Optical Fibre Cable. In addition, an anti-virus server and the necessary anti-virus software etc have been set up in the N.I.C. office in Yojana Bhawan, to ensure that the problem of computer virus is taken care of.

E-Filing system

Measures have been taken to implement the E-Filing system developed through the medium of N.I.C. in all departments of the Secretariat. This E-Filing system had been implemented as a pilot project in Secretariat Administration Department and 16 departments of the Secretariat having one Section. Subsequently the E-Filing system has been introduced in 28 Departments in the first phase.

The operation of this software is included in the compulsory E-Governance Computer Training. The employees concerned with this work have been given special training for operating the E-Filing software.

CUG Website

The Director of the CUG Website is ready thorugh the N.I.C. at and it is available on the network. The CUG numbers of the officials concerned can be seen on this Website. The Secretariat telephone directory is also available on the Department’s Website.

Computerization of the Library

The details of books/documents at the Secretariat Library in the Main Building are being computerized by the software provided by the N.I.C. a Website for this purpose has been developed by the N.I.C.

Issuance of Government Orders and uploading them on Internet

The Uttar Pradesh Government has enforced a system of issuing Government Orders online and uploading them on the Internet with effect from 17 February, 2014 in all departments of the U.P. Secretariat. In this regard all Government Orders are being issued online and being uploaded on the Internet as per the points mentioned in the Government Order no. 1102/20-13-Vi-2014-4 (Misc)/13-TC-3, dated 07 May, 2014.

All the Government Orders issued by departments of the U.P. Secretariat after 01 March, 2014, are available for the general public on the Website These can be seen by the people and downloaded.