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Subsequent to the transfer of a large part of his estate of the Nayab Wazeer of Awadh to the East India Company, in 1801 the Company had established a Board headed by the Lt Governor at Bareilly to administer this estate. One Secretary and few Clerks had been sanctioned for this Board. After the expansion of territory under the Company’s authority, its headquarters was briefly shifted to Allahabad in 1834, but the headquarters was transferred to Agra in 1836 after the formation of the North Western Provinces. In January 1858, Lord Canning brought back the Government Headquarters from Agra to Allahabad, and later in 1902, after the amalgamation of the Awadh region into it the province was given the new name of United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. The headquarters had by then acquired the form of a Secretariat.

The first re-constitution of the State Secretariat was done in 1883, when a Finance Secretary and a Law Secretary were appointed to assist the Chief Secretary.

As per the stated policy under the scheme of E-governance and computerization of the Secretariat, the requirement of 2234 desktop computers and associated equipments had been contemplated. Under this scheme, in the year 2001-02 (in the first phase) 83 computers were purchased and allotted. Afterwards, computers were purchased and allotted in a phased manner.

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