Secretariat Administration Section-1 (Establishment)

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  1. Appointment, transfer and posting, leave, maintenance of character roll, service rules of Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Officers, Officers on Special Duty, Section Officers and other officers equivalent to them.
  2. Selection of officers of Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Cadre.
  3. Training of officers of Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Cadre.
  4. Honorarium to Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Cadre.
  5. Recovery from gazetted officers of loan given by Secretariat Cooperative Bank.
  6. All matters pertaining to strikes and agitations related to State employees in the Secretariat.
  7. Deciding policy pertaining to administration of and recognition to service organizations and unions related to U.P. Secretariat.
  8. Deciding office hours of employees and officers in the Secretariat.
  9. Action on general matters related to the working system, working capacity and work efficiency of the Secretariat, and also action on information provided by the Intelligence Department working in the U.P. Secretariat.
  10. Deciding general policy regarding entries to the character rolls of Secretariat employees and officers.
  11. Further action on recommendations of Administrative Reforms Commission regarding the Secretariat.
  12. Pay Commission/Committee.
  13. Revision of the Secretariat Manual.
  14. Matters pertaining to final payment of Provident Fund of all gazetted officers of the Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Cadre and other gazetted officers.
  15. Advice to branches on the matters of annual pay increment, pension, efficiency bar, pay fixation etc of gazetted officers of Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Cadre on Central basis.
  16. Appointment of public relations officers with members of the Council of Ministers.
  17. Matters pertaining to Group Insurance Scheme for officers of the levels of Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Joint Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Services Cadre.
  18. Work related to Secretariat Training and Management Institute.
  19. Work related to the establishment of Chief Auditors.
  20. Work related to establishments of Management Officer and Chief Management Officer.
  21. Work related to allotment/appointment of employees/posts for Uttarnchal state under the control of the Uttar Pradesh Secretariat.
  22. Amendment and publication of U.P. Distribution of Work Rules and transfer of subjects to other departments.
  23. Work related to the policy making cell constituted under the Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Administration Department.