Secretariat Administration Section - 8 (Misc)

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  1. Installation of telephones at the residence/local residence and offices of Hon. Ministers in Lucknow.
  2. Installation of telephones at the office and residence of officers and declaring their personal telephone as official on their request.
  3. Arranging long cord/STD plug socket and STD lock.
  4. Closed under shift of telephones.
  5. Meeting with officers of telecommunication department.
  6. Staff meeting.
  7. Vidhan Sabha/Vidhan Parishad/ Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha questions assurance and other Parliamentary work.
  8. Telephone directory related work.
  9. Providing information demanded by Hon. President of India, Governor, Chief Minister’s Office and other departments from allotted departments.
  10. Work related to arranging Uptron Exchange and its annual maintenance.
  11. Arranging installation of Uptron phones, repair, maintenance and annual maintenance.
  12. Renewal of postbag and telegraphic address.
  13. Work related to checking telephone bills of Secretariat pool.
  14. Purchase of Mobile/Cellular phone and cordless phone and their maintenance.
  15. Adopting latest technology in the field of telecommunication as per innovation by department of telecommunication from time to time.
  16. Restoration of telephones, disconnected due to non-payment.
  17. Repairing of instruments installed by BSNL.
  18. Telephone related miscellaneous work.
  19. Restoration of disconnected telephones.
  20. Purchase of photocopy machine/Fax machine and annual maintenance.
  21. Arranging new telephone connections.