Secretariat Administration Section - 7 (Misc)

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  1. Payment of bills related to State Dinner, At Home and snacks served in Secretariat meetings.
  2. Arranging uniforms and materials, budget and stock book maintenance of class IV employees, drivers, Vidhan Bhawan guards and fire-fighting guards.
  3. Arranging brooms, baskets, canvas bags, raincoat, umbrella, small carpets, curtains, chiks (curtains), mattresses, cushions, pillows, bed sheets and towels etc.
  4. Purchase, payment of bills and budget for magazine and newspapers for members of Government and officers of Secretariat.
  5. Work related to record room of Secretariat.
  6. Payment of vouchers to of Secretariat daftaris for binding registers of Secretariat.
  7. Daily distribution of mail in Secretariat, marking letters and sending disputed letters to concerned section.
  8. Purchase of bicycle, motor cycle and their allocation, repair, declaring them as junk and auction.
  9. Arranging perishable items of stores.
  10. Maintenance of writing material, duty room, record room and dispatch section.
  11. Preparing distribution list of printed government orders.
  12. Purchase, supply, repair of furniture, typewriter, duplicator, clocks, steel almirah, boxes, rugs and carpets in Secretariat and their auction when declared condemned.
  13. Bill payment related to state festivals like Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day.
  14. Disposal of waste.
  15. Purchase of pots, fertilizer, medicine, plants etc and arranging labor for gardens of Secretariat.
  16. Payment of electricity bills.
  17. Fire arrangement in secretariat.
  18. Supervision of work of management officers, store superintendents, cyclostyle operators, typewriter mechanics.
  19. Preparing budget estimates for following heads:
    • Furniture and other items of store.
    • Purchase and repair of typewriter and duplicators
    • Maintenance of Secretariat gardens and lawns
    • Purchase of fire-fighting equipments and their maintenance
    • Purchase of uniforms for summer and winter.
  20. Action on the report of vigilance officer on information in Secretariat.
  21. Bill payment of telegrams and phonograms of Secretariat.