Service Rules and Acts

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  4. Language Department Officer Service Manual, 1989
  5. Secretariat Training and Management Institute recruitment manual for faculty members, 2002
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  14. U.P. Secretariat Account Employee category service manual, 1993
  15. Seniority list of Secretariat service officers
  16. Seniority list of Private Secretary
  17. Seniority list of Personal assistant
  18. Seniority list of Junior division clerk
  19. Seniority list 20 of typist – Seniority list of Telephone operator
  20. Seniority list of Telephone operator
  21. Seniority list of Security force and fire fighting force
  22. Seniority list of category 'G' (Section servant)
  23. Seniority list of Assistant Review Officer
  24. Seniority list of Review Officer
  25. U.P. Personal Assistant Service (first amendment) service manual-2005