Organization Structure

The organizational structure of the Secretariat Administration Department

Department’s Minister – Shri Yogi Aditya Nath  (Honourable Chief Minister)

(List of officers working as on 20-07-2017)
1 Department’s Minister Shri Yogi Aditya Nath
(Hon. Chief Minister) 
2 Principal Secretary Shri Mahesh Kumar Gupta
3 Special Secretary Shri 
4 Special Secretary Shri Virendra Chaubey
5 Special Secretary Shri 
6 Special Secretary Shri Indra Dev Patel
7 Joint Secretary Shri Shailendra Kumar
8 Joint Secretary Shri Shiv Kumar Shukla
9 Deputy Secretary Shri Pancham Ram
10 Deputy Secretary Shri V.K. Singh
11 Deputy Secretary(Accounts) Shri Kamla Kant Shukla
12 Deputy Secretary Shri Ram Avtar Singh
13 Under Secretary Shri 
14 Under Secretary Dr. 
15 Under Secretary Shri Ajay Kumar Pandey
16 Under Secretary (Accounts) Shri Rakesh Kumar
17 Under Secretary (Accounts) Shri Nagendra kumar Mishr
18 Chief Management Officer Ms Suman Chaudhary