Secretariat Administration Section - 13 (Misc)

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Secretariat Administration Section (Computerization and Training Cell) :

  1. Assessment of modernization and computer requirement in Secretariat and study/survey in this connection by UP Desco and other organizations.
  2. Action regarding purchase of computers from UP Desco/Uptron/NIC etc as per the orders/policy of information Technology Department/Government.
  3. Assessment of necessary funds for computer purchase and modernization schemes, sending proposal to Budget Cell of Secretariat for it, and making provision in the budget.
  4. Issuing necessary guidelines for proper use of computers in different offices/sections of Secretariat.
  5. Policy making for computer training for Secretariat employees and providing training.
  6. Preparation of relevant software as per the working of the Secretariat from authorized organizations/agencies.
  7. Arranging Internet services, e-mail, Websites etc in Secretariat through IT/NIC and other organizations.
  8. Participating in related meetings etc and enforcement of decisions.
  9. Other relevant work handed over by the Secretary.