Secretariat Administration (Documentation) Section

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Secretariat Administration (Documentation) Section :

  1. Providing required material from other departments to Planning Department for making projects for the state.
  2. Research on historical and economic facts of the state and preparing factsheet and background notes related to them.
  3. Preparing a list of publications in relation to above subjects.
  4. Preparing newspaper clippings on different subjects and keeping them in proper order.
  5. Preparing list of files in this connection from time to time.
  6. Preparing bibliography on different subjects.
  7. Preparing annotated bibliography of published material in different magazines and newspapers.
  8. Giving suggestions on purchase of useful books etc for the documentation centre.
  9. Preparing a documentation fortnightly in which articles on different subjects with references from good quality books, magazines etc are published, and these should be useful in preparing future plans.
  10. Providing material on such subjects as are given to them from time to time, by doing research on them.
  11. Providing different articles and other material by repography method when demanded.